Marketing in the Construction Industry

Marketing in Construction Companies

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Marketing in the Construction Industry

A Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, ensures that all of your marketing activities are aligned with your organizations goal. He or she will ensure all components such a print material, website, SEO, social media, PR, email marketing, branding, and lead generation are all integrated. Most construction companies will not have a CMO, they are more likely to have a marketing manager or marketing assistant.

How marketing works in Construction Management Simulator

Build a Website? For B2C companies, a website is essential. Sure you can go door-to-door offering your services or put an ad on Kijiji. While helpful, those two strategies are a slow way to grow a company. We careful of hiring a web designer to build your website - sounds strange doesn't it. A website is more than the text and graphics you see. It is the first impression your company will make in the market. Hiring a web designer to build your website is like hiring a drywaller to draw architecture plans.

In Construction Management Simulator, a website cost $3500 one-time. B2B gets a 20% boost to revenue and B2C gets a 45% boost to revenue + 2 new clients per month.

SEO? Search Engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of getting a website to rank on top of the Google search. SEO is of low, but not zero, value to a B2B company what relies on a sales team. For a B2C company, there's almost nothing that will work better for getting your phone to ring. Along with a easy to use website, good photos, good content, a clear sales message, elements that help people trust you, and the right amount of social media - SEO will be your competitive advantage in growth (do you see what we mean when we say "don't put all your trust is just a webs designer"?)

In Construction Management Simulator, SEO costs $3600 per year with no extra value for B2B but B2C gets a 25% boost to revenue + 4 new clients per month.

Social Media Marketing? Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others allow a real conversation with potential and current customers. These sites are also great platforms for sharing your work and connecting with your strategic partners and employees. For B2C, social media marketing is very valuable but must be managed well. For B2B, social media is useful but is not likely to make the phone ring.

In Construction Management Simulator, Social Media costs $3600 per year with a 5% revenue boost for B2B and a 15% revenue boost for B2C. It also provides a 20% discount to HR costs.

Send out Flyers? Sending out flyers by Canada post can help if you don't have a lot of customers. If you already have many past and current clients then it would be better to put your efforts in to word-of-mouth marketing strategies. We honestly don't think many decision makers will be influenced by a single B2B print piece sent to a mail box.

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Construction Marketing Tips

  • Social Media Marketing: In industrial or business to business marketing social media won't make your phone ring but it can create important trust signals. 
  • Do you know what potential clients are looking for on your website? Can they find it? Answers to both questions may surprise you.
  • Putting your trust is a website designer to be your marketer is like trusting your drywaller to create your blueprints
  • Do you know your online reputation and how that effects how people perceive your company? Get control of it now.
  • Safety, Efficiency, Quality - that's what your marketing has to project. 
  • The number of likes on your Facebook page won't close a deal for you - but maybe a case study and client recommendation can help.
  • Do you have a PR crisis plan or will you wing it when a catastrophe happens?
  • Do you know Calgary's Borger Group publishes lot counts each year? Knowing that can help you plan for the upcoming year. 
  • Saving money by not marketing is like saving time by not winding your watch.
  • Sometimes, a great communication/marketing/sales plan can get you meetings with developers to become a pre-approved sub contractor.