Information Technology in the Construction Industry

Information Technology in Construction Companies

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Construction I.T.

Coming soon, Rick Salmon's thoughts on I.T. in the construction industry.

I.T. Tips for the Construction Industry

  • Wasting too much time on repetitive office workflows? Need to add some structure into your team's life? Consider workflow automation!
  • Tired of accessing 5 different systems to get the answers you need? Data integration might be something you should look into.
  • A good IT provider fixes all your problems. A great IT provider fixes them before you even know you have them!
  • iPads are great for field work, but make sure you invest in a quality case! Otherwise it's an expensive way of doing business.
  • Do you need more from your IT company? Consider an IT Provider that can also be your business's strategic partner for growth.
  • Technology is always changing. Work with an IT Partner who values learning at it's core.
  • Software development applied in the right way can save money. We recently deployed an app for a client - $10,000 cost, $40,000 savings per year!
  • An IT Provider that's not observing how your company works, is not a strategic partner.
  • Consider a change to unlock the potential of a strategic technology partnership.
  • "Lunch n Learn" meetings are a great way to educate your team on technology tips like avoiding phising scams or teaching Excel tips.
  • Teaching your office employees 10 basic Excel concepts can increase their Excel productivity by 60% easily.